Why Pursue Endorsement?

“As the fastest growing profession in the United States, the field of Industrial/OrganisationalPsychology is one of psychology’s best kept secrets” (source: 

As the field continues to grow, Industrial/Organisational (I/O) Psychology offers exciting possibilities to anyone interested in human behaviour in the workplace. Obtaining endorsement in Organisational Psychology enhances your professional profile, signifies professional standing, recognises your expertise and your commitment to ongoing professional development.

“I am very grateful that I decided to obtain my area of endorsement. The knowledge I received from my supervisor about the practical application of organisational psychology to the workplace, could never have been learnt from a textbook. The registrar program provided a safe environment to learn and develop my skills as an Organisational Psychologist.

My career has benefited from obtaining an area of endorsement in Organisational Psychology. Potential employers look upon endorsement favourably and I have been successful in obtaining employment as the endorsement has distinguished me from other candidates. Employers view the endorsement as recognition of my expertise in Organisational Psychology.”



To be eligible to apply for an area of practice endorsement, the Psychology Board of Australia states a Psychologist must have advanced training (an accredited qualification in the area of practice followed by a period of supervised practice) over the requirements for general registration (that is, a Registered Psychologist).

Obtaining Endorsement

There are two pathways to obtain area of practice endorsement:

  • The standard pathway – area of practice endorsement is achieved by completing an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited Masters or Doctorate followed by the Board’s registrar program.
  • The non-standard pathway – is for applicants for endorsement who have not completed a Psychology Board of Australia registrar program, including overseas trained applicants and applicants applying under transition provisions.