Event Summary: Sue Langley on Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroscience of Emotions

Event Summary: Sue Langley on Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroscience of Emotions

There was no better way to kick off our first seminar for 2019.

On 24th of February, SIOPA invited Ms Sue Langley to speak at SIOPA’s new event venue, The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia in the Perth CBD. Ms Langley’s topic was on the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace, as well as introducing the science behind our emotions.

She began the seminar with a question she gets asked often: What makes a business successful?

Her answer, she says, will come as no surprise to our members and audience: People.

Ms Langley had recently returned from speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai (a global platform that focuses on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity), where she encountered many technological innovations being presented, such as “Mappiness”, an app that maps and analyses happiness in the UK. According to the Mappiness database of over 3.5 million responses contributed by 65,000 users, “In the six years that Mappiness has been running, there has been no day more miserable than Wednesday 9 November, the day the US election was called for Donald Trump.”. Brexit was the fourth worst day.

However, from all the technological innovations that were being presented in the Summit, Ms Langley noticed a common thread that was obvious: “There’s always a person behind these tech stories.” What was clear is that, technology will always revolve around people, and people are emotional beings.

This is when Emotional Intelligence comes in.


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