SIOPA update: Strategic Planning with David Blyth

SIOPA update: Strategic Planning with David Blyth

On Monday 9th of April, the SIOPA Board and Advisory Group held their first Strategic Planning Session for the year last week hosted by strategist and Adjunct Associate Professor at the UWA Business School, David Blyth.

The strategic planning session helped us become more focused on SIOPA’s priorities, as well as develop an effective action plan to provide more value for our members, and to better-advocate for the field of I/O Psychology.

The strategic session was a good showcase of the collaborative nature that SIOPA uses to create industry change.

But what drives effective strategy? According to David Blyth himself:

“Strategy is ultimately an expression of collective mental models. To create a strategy that is more than ‘mere incrementalism’ we must therefore create new mental models. Most major strategic shifts reflect a fundamental shift in the framing of the strategic context.”